Jun 3, 2009

The Good Life

ok...so apparently "asap" has taken on an entirely new meaning in the world of M. Well...this ends now.

What have I been up to? Well, I started summer school, for one. I'm taking two classes this semester, and one the next, and so far its going pretty well. I had a midterm today in Impressionism (FAH 346), and it went quite well, I think. Then I had my other class in the evening, "Effective Writing", which is going even better. The instructor is currently marking our first major creative paper, so I'll wait until then to think more about this whole thing.

I've also been planning things for the new house. My significant other and I are moving at the end of July into a condo. I am way too excited about this. My hope is that over at least the next 5 years I can overhaul the decorating scheme and make it a completely modern aesthetic - steel, sheer class, dark stone, the works. It makes me think again about going to college for interior decorating.....but I won't get a job. At least, I'm pretty sure. I'd end up selling curtains, I know it.
Now that I'm close to finishing my undergrad I've become a lot more level-headed when it comes to future plans. I'm not the type of person who can just "wing" the future and hope for the best.
Which brings me to the other thing going on in my life right now, namely the epic quest to become a librarian.

In order to succeed in this quest, I must attain at least a 3.3 GPA in my last 10 courses of my undergrad (aka, my full last year), and have all the standard stuff like volunteer work, letters of reference, english and computer profeciency, and the like. This means in my fourth year I have to find a library that will take me on as at least a volunteer, or at most a paid part timer. And I have to hole myself up and study so hard my ears bleed a little. Aaaand I need to find two profs at UofT who will back me in letters of reference. Joy.
But, it will all be worth it if I get in. Then, I can keep working hard and in three years I will be an accredited librarian and I can work for the rest of my life around books, search engines, online journals, and clueless patrons who think me and my highly educated colleagues just wandered in off the street because we like silence and tight buns. Love it. Eventually I want to run my own public library in some small-ish town somewhere in Ontario. And possibly work on issues of anti-cencorship and access to information in my (hopefully almost non-existent) spare time.

Well, that's the world as I saw it today, I'll be back with another post...asap.

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