Jun 11, 2009

quick update - 5 things

5 Things:
  • yesterday I saw a really old lady getting off the subway with a big hoodie on. The hoodie had the number "69" written all over it.
  • Harbord St. west of Spadina surprised me the other day by actually being a very beautiful street with lots of fancy little cafes and cool bike stores. It also has a *gigantic* high school, and my favourite place to get my hair cut: the totally unpretentious GLAM.
  • I'm currently confused by this eHealth "scandal"....the CEO spent tons of money on contract stuff and consultations. And I'm wondering...what exactly do people think the government spends their money on? It's all stupid stuff like this. They also don't seem to understand how a consultation works, and they assume that all of this should be done free somehow. -rolls eyes-
  • we got a confirmation on our moving out date of July 31st! Only downside is that the head office document has a bunch of things in it that are totally illegal. haha.
  • saturday is J and K's engagement party! Pretty exciting. The only thing I regret is that we have no money to get them any thing. This move is going to be really expensive.

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