Jun 17, 2009

komputer welt

hello computer world. Soooo, lets see. Today I handed in both of my final essays for my two classes (or at least I will by the end of tonight). The essays went pretty bad, on the whole, but I've been doing really well in both of the classes besides that.
I'm currently debating about whether to sleep for a few hours or watch a movie before class, sipping a coke I shouldn't be drinking, and wondering why firefox thinks that all words with an apostrophe in them are spelled wrong. It never used to do that...

oh well. I have my one and only exam this Monday, and then I have a little while off until my next class starts. I'm going to balance my free time between packing/cleaning the house and doing various volunteer things.

Pride parade is on the 28th, and I'm organizing the atheist contingent. My friend Roy is making a banner for us, which is awesome, and I'm also going to get some t-shirts made up so we all look the same. I'm pretty excited...every year since I've been in Toronto I've missed Pride for some stupid reason like I have to work, or I'm away at the CFI student conference. Luckily, I don't have to worry about either of these things this year.

I'm also going to start volunteering for the adult literacy program put on by the Toronto Public Library. Basically you just go in for a few hours a week and help one adult out with their reading, writing, or speaking skills. You get trained and everything, so I don't see why I shouldn't do it. I was hoping there would be some more directly-related library volunteer positions, but I think that helping with adult literacy may be even better than that. On my application I'll be able to say that I help with access to information and literacy, help foster our multicultural society, and help the comunity in general in a way that the iSchool should really be able to appreciate. Much more than shelving books, I think.
I'm still going to apply to work in the library system at school, as well, as its pretty integral to have direct experience like that.
But that's all the easy stuff. The hard part is getting the grades I need to even be considered.
And, with that in mind, the second thing I really need is a serious backup career plan.

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