Jul 14, 2009

velut arbor aevo

Well, I don't have much to write about lately (or I do, but can't be bothered to take the time to write something "important"), so I'll just recap whats been going on.

A few days ago Zak and I did an architecture scavenger hunt for an assignment I had for class. It was pretty interesting, we went around basically the whole UofT campus, looking at architectural details that I had never noticed, despite being around these buildings for 4ish years now. And yesterday I went and basically did the whole thing over again because I forgot my camera the first time, and since we did it on the weekend we couldn't get in to the interiors.

The second time I went I decided to make it more of an adventure, so I ended up going through some weird doors and finding some pretty cool rooms.

Here's a picture of the Knox College garden, which I hope my Professor will agree is at least fairly picturesque.

This is a cool composite capital on Simcoe Hall

Really cool old classroom (there are actually two of them) in University College that we probably never use.

awesome staircase in UC that reminded me of the Gehry one at the AGO

This is the Great Hall in Hart House as seen from some totally weird castle thingy.

Outside of the weird castle thingy.

Room at the top of the castle thingy, which I am pretty certain I was not supposed to be in.

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