Jul 15, 2009

killer tofu

urg...just found out that I can't get into Seneca for only one course. You have to enroll in the actual program. Sucks. I guess I'll have to look around for other colleges that offer a distance course...although for some reason I don't think I'm going to find one. I was really counting on this, as I think it would be the best prep I could have done, save maybe actually working in Robarts or something like that.

On the up side, so far I have gotten 2 out of 2 of the references I've asked for, which is awesome. I thought they were both going to say no, but it looks like I slightly underestimated them/myself. So that's great. Still worried about leaving the last one to this coming year.... :s But still, as usual me being anal about planning totally pays off in the end, and basically everyone else I know who's applying for grad school this or next year has barely started their application. If only I could get essays done this far in advance :P

well...off to finish an assignment....the apartment super is supposed to be coming in to the apartment today and I really want to be gone before she gets here as the place is a mess.

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